The Thomas Lindsey Foundation

The Foundation was created in 2007 after the tragic death of fallen Officer Thomas Lindsey of the Utica Police Department. We are committed to keeping our children safe and off the streets, and to that end, we sponsor several events throughout the year to raise money for children’s causes.

Our Mission

To isolate cause-producing thought and motivations that trigger an individual’s actions to murder or otherwise harm enforcement officials. To identify these cause-producing thoughts and motivations, the Foundation will conduct examinations of court records of defendants who have been convicted of murder and other violent crimes against law enforcement. Information and data will be evaluated and analyzed by an Evaluation Committee consisting of members who specialize in the fields of criminology, sociology, psychology, medicine and law. The above process will be continuous. Upon developing a profile, the Foundation’s mission is to distribute funds for education and activities to troubled youths that potentially fall within the studied profiles.